Safety Inspections

Conducting comprehensive electrical inspections




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Electrical safety is paramount, and Marin Electrical is committed to providing comprehensive electrical safety inspections to safeguard your property and occupants. 

Our team of qualified electricians in Barnet conducts detailed assessments to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with safety standards.

The full electrical service

During our electrical safety inspections, we meticulously examine all aspects of your electrical systems, including wiring, circuits, switches, and outlets. We identify any signs of wear and tear, overheating, or other potential risks that could pose safety hazards. Upon completion of the inspection, we provide detailed reports outlining our findings and recommendations for improvements.

Whether it's replacing outdated wiring, upgrading consumer units, or implementing safety measures, we can help address any identified issues and enhance the safety of your property.


An electrician testing a fuse box


As part of our commitment to quality and safety, Marin Electrical specialises in Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs), formerly known as Periodic Inspection Reports. These comprehensive assessments evaluate the condition of your electrical installations and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Upon completion, we issue certification to provide assurance of safety and compliance.


An electrician installing a fuse box

Fuse board upgrades

Consumer unit upgrades are another essential aspect of our electrical safety services. As technology advances and electrical demands increase, upgrading your consumer unit is crucial for ensuring adequate protection and meeting modern safety standards. Our expert technicians specialise in consumer unit upgrades, delivering reliable and efficient installations tailored to your specific requirements.