Outdoor Lighting

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Installing modern outdoor lighting can really elevate a home. 

You can light up your garden, patio, landscape or decking with our superb range of outdoor lighting installations. Our electricians in Barnet provide comprehensive outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty, security, and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Your outdoor lighting solutions

At Marin Electrical, we understand the importance of outdoor lighting in creating inviting and secure environments for your home or business. Our team specialises in a variety of outdoor lighting services, including landscape lighting, security lighting, and deck and patio lighting, to meet your specific needs.

Garden lights

Landscape lighting:

Illuminate your outdoor landscape and accentuate its beauty with our expert landscape lighting installations. Whether you want to highlight architectural features, pathways, or garden elements, we offer customised lighting, which will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while providing practical illumination for night time enjoyment.


Home security lights

Security lighting:

Is your circuit breaker constantly tripping? Are you experiencing unexplained power fluctuations? Our skilled electricians are adept at identifying and diagnosing a wide range of electrical problems. We utilise advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to pinpoint the root cause of issues swiftly and accurately.


Decking lights

Deck and patio lighting:

Transform your outdoor living spaces into inviting retreats with our deck and patio lighting installations. Whether you're hosting outdoor gatherings or simply relaxing under the stars, our deck and patio lighting creates ambiance and extend the usability of your outdoor areas well into the evening hours.