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Our team of local electrical specialists in Barnet is dedicated to providing quality domestic electrical repair services across London and Hertfordshire.

Whether you're facing a minor inconvenience or a major electrical issue, we've got you covered.

An electrician fixing a fridge

Troubleshooting electrical issues

Is your circuit breaker constantly tripping? Are you experiencing unexplained power fluctuations? Our skilled electricians are adept at identifying and diagnosing a wide range of electrical problems. We utilise advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to pinpoint the root cause of issues swiftly and accurately.


A new plug socket

Repairing faulty outlets and switches

Faulty outlets and switches not only pose a safety hazard but also disrupt your daily routine. Our team specialises in repairing or replacing malfunctioning outlets and switches to ensure seamless operation and safety throughout your home.


An electrician fixing a light

Fixing flickering lights

Flickering lights can be more than just an annoyance—they may indicate underlying wiring issues or faulty fixtures. Marin Electrical is equipped to tackle flickering light problems efficiently, whether it's a simple bulb replacement or a more complex wiring issue.


A broken wire

Repairing damaged wiring

Damaged wiring is a serious concern that requires immediate attention to prevent electrical hazards such as shocks, fires, or even electrocution. Our experienced electricians are trained to assess and repair damaged wiring with precision and care, restoring the integrity of your electrical system.







Restoring power after outages

Power outages can disrupt your household activities and compromise your comfort and safety. Marin Electrical offers prompt response and effective solutions to restore power swiftly after outages, ensuring minimal downtime for you and your family.







1 year warranty icon

At Marin Electrical, we stand behind the quality of our workmanship with a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all repairs.

As NAPIT registered electricians, you can trust us to deliver superior service that meets the highest industry standards.